The Kawai Nui Hertigae Foundation (KNHF) was founded by Murial Seto and and other conservation-minded residents of Kailua to protect Kawai Nui Marsh from incursions by developers. The KNHF was eventually responsibe for acquiring Ramsar Convention status for the marsh. Through common members, KNHF fostered links between numerous other Hawaiian conservation groups in the Kailua ‘ahupua‘a (see conections below), but gradually has faded out of existence. Beloved Muriel retired to Beaverton, Oregon and the many prominent members dispersed to various other organizations.

This particular webpage was developed by the students at Kalaheo Highschool (Kailua) and for a time posted on their school webserver. Although an unofficial web presence for KNHF, this was its only site and preservation of the original (here, as a modestly updated version) seemed important once the original was removed from the school webserver. KNHF thanks the students for their efforts and hopes to see more good work from them in the future. Links on this webpage are maintained by Ko‘, but KNHF is no longer active.

The Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization striving to protect the natural wetland, flood control, wildlife, and cultural values of the marsh.

The Foundation's purpose is to educate the public about the inherent natural, educational, recreational, agricultural, historical and cultural resources within the Kailua watershed (ahupua'a). The Foundation proposes to preserve the integrity of these resources by implementation of the foundation's directional plan, which is to preserve and maintain Kawai Nui's heritage.

The goals of the organization are to:

    1) Increase awarness of activities and appreciation of the Kailua watershed (ahupua'a) as a positive value in the community and the state.

    2) Support and encourage research related to the Kailua watershed (ahupua'a).

    3) Expand and encourage agricultural use of the lands in the Kailua watershed (ahupua'a).

    4) Celebrate and learn about the cultural heritage of the Kailua watershed (ahupua'a) in all it's diversity.

Action Plans

* Public acquisition of Kawai Nui Marsh lands and water rights of Maunawili stream

* Establish Environmental Education Center

* Develop a Docent Program

* Develop a Kawai Nui Speakers Bureau

* Fund Raising Project: Mala ia Kawai Nui, Fun Run, Newsletter

* Historical Sites, Membership Drive

* On-Going Fund Raising: Sale of T-shirts, note cards, books, posters

* Promote Kawai Nui as as Ramsar Site (International wetland of distinction)


Service Projects:
In conjunction with ‘Ahahui Mālama i ka Lōkahi:

Historical Perspective

In 1983 the Kawai Nui Heritage Foundation was established as a non-profit corporation. The Foundation is the outgrowth of more than fifty community organizations and many concerned citizens who, for a decade, have worked together to protect, enhance, and introduce others to Kawai Nui Marsh's diverse resources. As a result, inappropriate public and private developments have been either modified or prevented. Major elements of the citizen's park plan have been adopted by the State's Resource Management Plan for Kawai Nui Marsh. Originally, it was sponsored by the Lanikai-Kailua Outdoor Circle, but will now be managed by `Ohana Nā Kia`i Pono O Kawai Nui (the proper caretakers of Kawai Nui).